Friday, March 15, 2013

Affairs and Astrology

Since I've been revisiting Ashley Madison, I've actually begun to pick women that I'm approaching based on their star sign.  A couple of years ago I would've thought that establishing a relationship based in astrology was crazy.  But then, that's assuming astrology is an unproven science.

Here's what I know.  I'm a Cancer, and I know other people that are Cancers.

Cancers are extremely loving and sensitive, will help you out if you really ask for it... and get totally moody if they feel uncomfortable.

We read people from the insides out, and are extremely intuitive about people and situations.

We love to be adored, and need love and attention.  Sometimes constantly.

Alright, a lot ...but it feels so good to be loved... :)

Love is a drug to a Cancer.

And we are excellent conversationalists.

I've watched my other Cancer friends, and overall, the way we react to situations is of this ultra caring, compassionate, need for acceptance side of life.  We want to be honest, but learn that in life not everyone wants us to be.

We really just want to feel good.  Which is why we love to fuck, and need to be fucked.  Deeply.

We love adore the art of the passionate fuck, what some call the "baby making fuck" - but then again who doesn't?  :)

We're generally good for a cuddle, that can turn into hours of coziness.

I think it is for this reason that Cancers have been known as lovers who are hard to let go of.  We stick around because overall we're interested in people, and are genuine about this pursuit.  A friend of mine recently said that "giving up a Cancer lover is like giving your child up for adoption".

I'm not sure if things go quite that far, but I did get a chuckle out of that.

Now all of these traits I've found do actually correspond with people born between the dates of June 21st - July 22nd, and over the years my personal interest in this phenomenon has grown.

I'm a pretty scientific guy, I like to know what's going on scientifically in the world, and can generally grasp complex mathematical concepts - and based on my personal experience, and in my interactions with thousands of people a year (as a profession)... there is no doubt in my mind that THERE ARE correlations between astrology birth dates and overall personality traits.

Now I'm not really into Astrology in any sense, and I'm a pretty average guy.  But this evidence in my life experience has caused me to pause and actually reflect on the information I'm receiving from the world around me.

In other words... holy shit, there are patterns in the system.  ;)

Not this isn't like some big epiphany that occurred after a picked up a Astrology book from the sale rack of Barnes and Noble, this was something that I subconsciously took as information and began to apply to my day to day decision making.

I was already walking through life making choices about my interactions with people, based on knowledge I may have garnered about their astrological sign.

So deep within my mind, and somewhere in the past,  I chose to start making decisions based on my own database that I built up - each labeled with a different astrological sign.

It's fascinating how we think sometimes.

And with this, I've been finding this information correlates with women I've interacted with on Ashley Madison.

Scorpios are always a little more free to send a naked photo, and get things going.  Scorpios in general are have the whole sultry power player thing going for them.

Capricorns have a vision, a quest, and either they're fucking you, or someone else - one way or another, they're going to get their loving.  They may not send a naked photo via email until you've already fucked them twice.  You have to admire that determination.

I could go on and on, but again there are patterns in the general email interactions and chats I've had with these women.

Of the two women I've been the closest with, where we seem to "get" one another are both matches to my astrological sign - the have both been Pisces.

Another one who's become a long distance friend, who I chat with from time to time about this infidelity thing is also a Cancer.

Now with this, pickings are slim on Ashley Madison for us guys - and I've still approached anyone that's seem interested.

Even though I'm able to get the conversation going, women under signs I'm not supposed to be compatible with seem to come in and go right out the door.  No rhyme or reason, it just works out that way.

And now I'm at the point where I've been only approaching people that are compatible with my sign, and things seem to be working better overall.

At the end of the day, we all want amazing sex.  Earth shattering, body trembling orgasms that leave us blissed out in the bedroom.  Chemistry really is everything, so why not use formulas that seem to work.

Some call this Astrology, others call this an easier way to have an affair.

-Mr. D

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sex & Mediocracy

So I'm hot on the hunt again, Ashley Madison profile reworked and ready to go.  Nibbles and bites, here an there... it's always an adventure.

My girl and I still continue to have sex 3-4 times a week.  She'll back into me as I spoon and fuck her from behind.  She seems to enjoy, but never comes.  I do enjoy the alpha-ness of fucking hard - as I grab her hips and use her body as human sex toy.  But one thirsts for variety, and we always seem to slide back into this position, or missionary - in which she sometimes cums.  It's the death of variety and I've been center stage for quite a while.

We do need variety.  I've tried, for years.  Someone else is not interested.

So I keep searching.  Not as if I even have the time to make an affair work.  I guess I'm hoping to catch that one someone that's schedule and situation is similar to mine.  Weekdays between noon and 6pm.  Can't be that hard.  :)

I believe.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

More fun photos...

Yes... these ladies are utterly delicious...

The Open Relationship

So I met a nice married woman through AM who has decided to enter an open relationship with her husband.

Apparently a few months back, a business associate made a pass at her during a trip, and it wet her panties more than she expected it would.

They spoke about it, and about a month ago decided to enter into an open relationship.

She's cute, brunette, and so far actually pretty wonderful to talk to.

He's slept with two women, and she's slept with one guy.  They have made a rule not to look at each others phones (as it seems it already caused some agitation).

Overall though, they seem to be a couple that's really doing it properly, and they both genuinely seem like they are enjoying themselves.

I would love to have the same thing, but I don't think I'd have the same luxury if I shared this dream with my girl.

But, since that might be out of the question, I might have to just fuck this guy's wife instead.

- Mr. Dryden

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

As Good As it Gets?

So tonight my girl and I had a blow up argument.  I want to be treated kindly and apparently she thinks it's ok to be bitchy to me for days on end.

Of course there is a bigger story here, but I'm at one of those points where I'm really questioning my relationship.

We've spent so many years together building a great life, but as I've had some recent time away from her, it's made me realize how much better I feel on my own at times.

Relationships, no matter how good, eventually come to wear both parties down.  As someone who would love to have his relationship continue, how much further should one go when the sex is mediocre and one party seems to want to argue all the time.

I've given up being right in the argument, and just want to resolve things.  But all that has come to an end.  It's just not worth spending any energy whatsoever to even talk.  Have you been there?

A mental endpoint where I'm just done.  Really done.  Tired of being treated like I don't exist in our relationship.

So do I break up?  Try to mend the relationship once again (only to deal with it at a later date)?  Ignore it and bumble through the tough days?

These are all questions we have to face at some point in our life.

For me it comes down to a sense of freedom.

Free to truly make your own decisions and do really whatever you want to do daily.  Single people often forget this is the biggest benefit to being alone.  You don't need to entertain.  You don't need to disagree.  You just go.  No wasting time.  Just living life.

When you choose a partner, on some level, you are choosing bondage (and not the fun kind).

Of course we were all raised with the romantic notion of marriage and kids, of which, I can assure you, I want neither.

But at the end of the road, where does one go?

Another lover may help ease one out of a relationship, or put a band aid on the parts that are missing.

Eventually though, that relationship grows old too.

In sex and love, we're always chasing the dragon.

The evening ended with me trying to keep her off of me.  She could tell I didn't care anymore, the argument had peaked with so much power it broke free of the earth... her reaching aimlessly grasping to bring me back.  I turned to her and stopped calmly saying, "please, let me go."

And she did.

We've been through this dance before.  Hearts rekindle.  We tell each other how much we love one another, and we move forward.

It's a good relationship, better than most.

But, as has been stated before... "Is this is good as it gets?"

Is this the best a relationship can be?

Are there couples out there that continued to match one another for years, sexually, emotionally, and intellectually?

I'm not sure I believe that at all anymore.

Or are we supposed to do what's "natural" and go from one lover to another throughout this lifetime.

This seems to feel right... but it also feel right to partner with someone for a lifetime.

It's so confusing.  Life and love.

I'm not even sure what love truly is anymore.  I know an inner love.  I meditate and know an all knowing, everything is good love.  I'm just not sure that I believe in a "true love" ideal anymore.

I think someone sold us that idea in our childhood.  In fact, I know they did.

Rather, we seem to be put here to figure out our relationships by interacting and making changes based off decisions.

Love is so much a chemical reaction.

I often tell people that "within 3 blocks from here, there are 20 people who you could love deeply".  No one ever disagrees.  They know the secret truth, love is easier than we think.

So what do we do with the ones that we love where the issues seem to weigh down the joy of being together?

Tomorrows another day.  We'll see what the morning brings.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Our first ever fan photo!

Sarah wrote us saying "Love reading Mindfully Sexual and you hit home with everything you've written so far, Thank you!  I was home alone tonight and decided to dress up a bit and take a photo for you Mr. D!"

I asked Sarah if she minded me sharing the her beautiful photo, and she obliged... lucky for you guys!   

Thanks Sarah, hope to see more from you!  And to the rest of you lovely ladies, um, I always love to get naughty photos in the mail.  So if you ever feel so inclined, send them my way!

Sarah is a present that needs some unwrapping.... I'm dying to undo that bow.  :)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ashley Madison

Some have asked what I put up on Ashley Madison... here you go folks:

Preferences and encounters I am open to:
I'm open to new experiences in general. I'm looking to get to know someone before jumping in the sack, connecting is just as important as the sex to me... and of course, truly connecting = amazing sex. :)
What really turns me on:
I'm successful in what I do, and am looking for someone who wants to have fun, is happy, and is balanced. If you meditate, and take care of your mind, body, and soul that is a huge plus! Having sex is easy, finding someone to really enjoy it with and experiment is a whole other. I'm on a quest for new experiences, and someone who is willing to take the journey with me. You must have a sense of humor... laughter is key. If we're not having fun it just isn't worth it. :)
What I am looking for:
Art, culture, and most importantly you!