Monday, February 20, 2012

Kiss Me

I've reached the point with Ashley Madison where I've realized many of the women I've been in contact with have been a slight bit on the crazy side.  I've shared this with my friend Kat (over at PWK), and how the whole process just seems to have worn me down.  I consider myself a fairly balanced, happy person, who just tries to roll with this whole thing.  If things feel right, or if I'm clicking with someone via email or chat that's a good sign.  What I didn't expect was the immediate impatience of some of the women I've encountered.  They seem to really like me, but I swear it's barely 2 days before they're demanding to meet and fuck.

I've clearly outlined my profile to read:  "I'm open to new experiences in general. I'm looking to get to know someone before jumping in the sack, connecting is just as important as the sex to me... and of course, truly connecting = amazing sex. :) "

For some "connecting" is a couple emails and they're ready to go 48 hours later.  Maybe I'm in the wrong here, but it just feels rushed and weird.  I never thought I'd be in the position of turning women down, but when you start to send me nasty/rude messages (which I've received)... it just kills any future opportunities for me.  I understand you may be unhappy in your marriage, but please don't be rude to me... especially if you still want me to sleep with you.   I know this may seem strange, but it's a turnoff.  :)

On another note...

I continue to go back and forth in my mind if this is something I want to do.   It is - but I'm unsure of exactly how I'd like it all to play out.

Last night I was alone in a bar with friends, and was hanging out with a number of women.  I always do very well with the ladies, since I'm in the mindset that I'm taken...I'm always very comfortable and confident in my conversation.  Many were very flirtacious, touching, laughing, with lots of eye contact.  I had a good time, but it also revived this feeling to hookup with someone.

One of the women I haven't seen in years.  I know she has always liked me, but she is essentially off limits since she's withing our social circles.  Our conversation was fun and light, and I watched her beautiful lips moving about.  I wanted to lunge forward and start making out with her.   It felt like I was in still in high school and on a date talking late into the night in a car right before I made the move.  I could feel my hormones buzzing about within, it was a nice feeling.

As the evening progress I started talking to my friend's girlfriend.  I too had not see her for years, and she's a firecracker of a personality.  She was laying on the flirt heavily, touching, even holding my hands when talking.  Again, I watched her lips.  I wanted no more than to take her in the booth.  Throw her down, deeply kiss, and run my hands up her skirt.  I would have had no problem taking her home for a night of hot sex, if her boyfriend wasn't a dear friend of mine.

Dear friend or not, I'm sure my dick would look wonderful in her tight pussy.   ;)

It was obvious, this feeling to have an affair that's subsided for the past 2 weeks or so is still very much active within me.

I think more than anything I'm just looking for a good make out session to start things out.  In my relationship kissing has really gone south.  I love to kiss.  I used to be told by almost every girl I was with that I was a great kisser.  Now I'm in a relationship where kissing has been so diminished that I'm not sure I even remember how to - really well that is.  I really do have serious doubts about my skills.  I hate to admit it, but I think my relationship has given me a kissing complex.

The me of 8 years ago would never put up with this, but here I am.

My companion makes out with me briefly from time to time during sex, but this is very sporadic.  I would say it happens 15% of the time.  We never just make out anymore outside of sex.  I think this is a casualty of most long term relationships, but I'd have no problem making out with my girl if she were up for it.

Of course we've discussed this.  Many times.  So what does one do?

As with all things in life I guess I'll have to just hang in there and see how this all pans out. 


  1. The thought of you losing your kissing confidence is terrible. Because I'm all about helping others, I'd be glad to volunteer to give you some lengthy kissing practice. ;-)

  2. Haha, thank you Kat - you're always wonderfully sweet! xoxoxo!

  3. LOL at Kat...well, I personally think kissing is like riding a never truly forget how to kiss...especially when you find another that kisses the same.

    1. SM,

      I'm looking, oh my am I looking... ;)

      Thanks for reading!

      Mr. D

  4. Of all the men I've met/talked to over the last two years on AM, the two things they want the most are kissing and blow jobs...the blow jobs seem obvious of course but they want the kissing just as much!

    1. That's very interesting, thanks for sharing Lucy! It's true!

      When I've chatted with a number of women on Ashley Madison who tell me they don't kiss their husbands anymore either. I asked why, and the response was generally "I'm not sure, it just doesn't do it for me."

      Thanks for visiting a reading!